Looking To Minimize Your IT Costs?

Virtual desktops are ideal for companies who are looking to update their IT systems and reduce their operating costs or perhaps quickly expand and contract, and so just want to pay for what they need that month. It’s also a good option for for organizations with a mobile workforce and multi-branch offices.

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Connect From Anywhere How Do Virtual Desktops Work?

A Hosted Virtual Desktop is a cloud based service that allows you to upload and share your business data, software and email and access your desktops at any location where you have access to the internet.

A physical server is replaced with a virtualized server environment that hosts your data, email and any software applications you use in the workplace. The user experience is exactly the same as accessing your data and software from a local network. It’s a pay per-user, per month solution allowing you to instantly scale it to your needs.

How Will My Business Benefit From Virtual Desktops?

  • No need for premise server hardware, anti-virus or malware application software.
  • Both your energy bills and your carbon footprint is reduced significantly because your physical windows and email servers are no longer required.
  • Your business data is encrypted, securely transmitted and stored in the cloud.
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Your data protected by high-end security features giving you peace of mind.


Your IT costs can follow your company’s growth.


Accessible wherever you have an internet connection.


Microsoft reports 99% service availability.

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